Firearm Permits & Shooters Licences

For more information on NSW and Victorian firearm permits and licences please refer to the links below, we can also assist you with information concerning accredited firearm safety courses.

Information for current and prospective Victorian licence firearm holders — Click here

Information for current and prospective New South Wales licence firearm holders — Click here


NSW Firearms Safety Awareness Testing
Courses are held regularly. For more information on courses and acquiring a NSW firearms Licence please contact us.

Victorian Firearms Safety Courses
Contact the Wodonga Police Station, 100 Hovell Street, Wodonga. Phone: (02) 60492600 for available dates and times of the safety course which is held locally.

Scope Sighting

Mounting and sighting a scope takes time and precision. Trust our gun pros to mount and boresight your scope quickly and accurately at no charge.

All our online scope purchases qualify for in-store services with proof of purchase. (Service does not include ring mounts etc.)

Firearm Storage

Elks Hunting & Fishing offer a storage facility for your firearms, short or long term storage is available. All firearms are safely stored and insured whilst on our premises. Permanent storage is also available for those who do not wish to personally store their firearms. Permanent storage customers who wish to use their firearms can make arrangements for pick up and drop off. Please contact us to make further enquiries.


Elks Hunting & Fishing offers a full gunsmith service, our staff are highly experienced and we provide all levels of gunsmithing. So whether you are considering a strip and clean for your rifle or shotgun or something more complex get in touch with us for further details.

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