Zeiss Victory HT 3-12×56 Ret. 60.

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The night time hunting specialist.

Built with SCHOTT HT glass, this specialist for sitting game at night makes even the smallest targets visible after the sun has set. In conjunction with the optional BDC+, this model featuring high magnification is ideal for reliable shots at long ranges and ensures hunting success even when the target is far away. Experience a revolution in targeting optics: the new Zeiss Victory HT riflescope 3-12×56 with up to 95% light transmission or more.


Deep into the night

The revolutionary light transmission of 95% and more enables hunting deep into the night. This unique experience is the result of an innovative optical design. It is the combination of extremely transparent SCHOTT HT high transmission lens elements and the enhanced ZEISS T* multi-coating. This enables the ZEISS VICTORY HT products to set a new global standard for premium rifle scopes. The bright, high-contrast images provide you with the extra few minutes you need on a hunt. After all, it is often the first or last light of the day that is vital for those magic hunting moments that will always remain in your memory.

More Elegant

Design based on tradition

A timeless design with sleek contours makes the ZEISS HT rifle scopes the right choice for your elegant weapon. Let the scope and your weapon merge to create a perfect pair.

More Ergonomic

Form follows intuition

On the ZEISS VICTORY HT rifle scopes, it is the control elements such as the illuminated dot, magnification changer or optional bullet drop compensator that can be comfortably and quickly adjusted. Rubber surfaces ensure a pleasant touch and comfortable grip. Together, the ergonomic features of the ZEISS VICTORY HT products are your guarantee for a perfect visual experience.

More Precise

Perfection at all distances

The secret behind the precision of ZEISS VICTORY HT rifle scopes lies in the ultra-fine illuminated dot and the BDC+ (ASV+) bullet drop compensator. The illuminated dot will impress you with its extremely low target sub-tension. The BDC+ enables a more precise shot at distances up to 600 m. Enjoy long-distance shooting the intuitive way – all made possible with ZEISS technology.


Zeiss Victory HT 3-12x56 Usage table.