Zeiss AR Sports Optics App.

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Technical innovation

Experience ZEISS optics products

Technical innovation is as deeply rooted in the DNA of ZEISS as the commitment to uncompromising quality in even the smallest of details. Their new app links these two topics – and raises the ZEISS optics product experience to an entirely new level.

You can take a walk around each of the products, get up-close to them or take direct control of the animation.

Discover what makes ZEISS a legendary name while you’re there: the undying passion for precision and quality – even down to the tiniest screw.

Thanks to the innovative ZEISS AR Sports Optics App, you can now take a look around inside our extremely complex optics products from your mobile device.

All you need to do is hold your device above the marker pages to discover perfectly detailed 3D models of our products.

1. Download and install

ZEISS AR Sports Optics App

2. Activate the App

And hold your device above a marker page

3. Select a product

and activate the animation by touch

4. Move your device

to discover new angles and perspectives