Verney-Carron Speedline 30-06

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Verney-Carron  welcomes you into a New Era ….. The “SPEEDLINE” is neither a bolt action rifle, nor a semi-automatic rifle, nor a linear reloading rifle. It is a revolutionary rifle!

It’s up to you to work the lever!

  •   CALIBRES: 300 Win Mag, 30-06
  •   TOTAL LENGTH: 113 cm
  •   WEIGHT: 3.150 kg (without muzzle break)
  •   BARREL: high-precision barrel, rifled and fluted, 55 cm (without muzzle break)
  •   LOCKING: 6 lugs directly into  the barrel
  •   STOCK: walnut, ergonomic chequering and Executive Stock system.
  •   RECEIVER: Ergal
  •   EJECTION: 2 piston ejection system
  •   SIGHTING SYSTEM: versatile,  with either open sights or battue rib
  •   MAGAZINE: removable metal magazine for 5 cartridges
  •   SLING SWIVELS: detachable, supplied
  •   OPTICS: threaded mounting holes in the receiver with steel insert




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