Tonic Polarised Eyewear – Flemington.



More than just sunglasses,
TONIC are a brand with the backing of years of research & development.

TONIC Polarised Eyewear are a company born from passion with dedication to producing the finest sunglass optics for Australian conditions, some of the harshest on the planet. TONIC’s unique VistaView lenses represent the culmination of a 27-year quest to constantly push the boundaries in optical technology.

Now it’s your turn to push your own boundaries, to raise the bar and to do and see things that you previously would have missed, all with the aid of TONIC Polarised Eyewear.

TONIC have a true passion for sunglasses

Form, fit and function, through to fashion, TONIC’s range of polarised sunglasses will have the performance, fit and the style you demand. From tortise shell to matt black frames or maybe a red mirror through to a neon copper lens, choose the style and features that suits you.

The Tonic Flemington combines their signature Slice Polarised Glass lens into a Handmade acetate frame that not only looks and performs as all Tonic Sunglasses should, it’s by far a winner in the fashion stakes.

Gloss Black & Tortoise Shell

Lens Options:
Glass Copper Photochromic
Glass Grey Photochromic


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