Swarovski dS 5-25×52 Scope.





The challenges of today can only be tackled with the technology of tomorrow. The time has now come for the dS.

It’s never been easier to concentrate on the essential aspects while hunting. The new Swarovski dS 5-25×52 shows not only the correct aiming point, but also the key ballistic data in the head-up display without any distraction and in real time.

Correct aiming point and integrated digital intelligence

The key benefit for hunters is that the correct aiming point will be displayed automatically straight away in the rifle scope. When you press the button, the dS measures the exact distance, having factored in the magnification setting, air pressure, temperature, and angle. The personal ballistic data for your firearm/ammunition combination, determined during sighting in, are also used when performing the calculation. The windage mark intervals are calculated based on the distance measured, the wind speeds set, and the ballistic data. There is no more need for any manual adjustments to the dS before the shot is taken.

Distance information, knock-down power, wind speed: the high-resolution head-up display clearly provides you with all the hunting data that can contribute to a successful hunt, in real time. The slim design of the dS with its attractive silhouette leaves no room for guesswork, with a real optical and digital masterpiece hidden inside this rifle scope.

Smart connection

Networking a smart phone with the rifle scope allows basic settings to be smoothly applied in the app. Exchanging data is simple and straightforward via the Bluetooth interface. The personal data supplied when sighting in the target are input directly into the app and transmitted immediately.

We have developed a “smart” rifle scope with the dS 5, which provides hunters with intelligent support. Technical and long-range optical innovations, combined with the hunter’s own expertise, make it possible to remain totally focused even in challenging situations.

Swarovski dS 5-25×52 P L

The dS 5 projects relevant information in the field of view in real time without any distraction, and automatically displays the correct aiming point. This includes taking into account all the key factors, such as distance, air pressure, temperature, and angle. No manual adjustment is required. The aiming point is calculated on the basis of the individual ballistic data for the firearm-ammunition combination. The data are input via the dS Configuration app and the calculated ballistic curve is transferred directly to the dS via Bluetooth.

Swarovski dS 5-25×52 P SR

This model rifle scope is equipped with a rugged SR mounting rail so that it can be fitted quickly and securely.


It’s never been easier to concentrate on the essential aspects while hunting. The Swarovski dS automatically displays the correct aiming point, taking into account the distance, air pressure, temperature, and angle.

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