Stoney Creek Stalker Boot



The Stalker boots feature HDRY®, a patented one piece waterproofing breathable membrane that has been heat-bonded to the internal upper fabric, which is lighter and dries faster than traditional leather boots. The Stalker boots features a BONTEX® hardboard with an engineered flex zone, designed to allow the largest amount of natural, smooth, silent forward movement without sacrificing the boot’s ability to provide ankle and mid-foot support, giving you the critical edge during your bush stalk. PORON® XRD offers long lasting comfort while the VIBRAM® Cheetah sole cradles your foot, keeping your heel bone centred and providing stability with every foot placement. WEIGHT: 790 grams per boot (size NZ/UK 10)



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US-8, US-9, US-10, US-11, US-12, US-13, US-11.5, US-9.5


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