Rio In Touch Gold Fly Line.


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The RIO Gold is the ultimate all round, floating line for the trout fly fisher.

This line is also available in two unique colour options. A bright, highly visible orange option is an ideal line colour for anglers that like to see their line easily when casting and fishing. In addition, it is an excellent colour for teaching (or learning) with, and great for casting demonstrations and for shooting videos or photos with.

The Lumalux colour is a unique line that can be charged with a bright light source, allowing it to clearly glow in the dark. It is a great line for hex hatches, night fishing and for night casting games!

The RIO Gold Tournament version of this line is designed for long distance casting events, and features an extra-long head for maximum distance.

  • The ultimate all-round floating line for trout incredible loop stability and distance
  • Unique taper that easily loads a fly rod at close range. Perfect presentation of flies between #22 and #2
  • The RIO Gold has a special taper design that gives incredible loop stability at distance, a unique profile that allows a rod to load at close range and a front taper that delivers perfect presentation of flies between sizes #22 and #2.



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