Leica Magnus i 1.5-10×42 Rifle Scope.

For the most demanding hunter.


For the most demanding hunter

Leica Magnus i 1.5-10×42 Rifle Scope.

Close Proximity, Wide Field of View – The world through Leica eyes

With a zoom factor of up to 6.7 and a large field of view, Leica Magnus i 1.5-10×42 rifle scopes allow maximum flexibility, easy handling and safety, and help you keep a critical overview in every hunting situation.


Bright Reticle Illumination – Convincing in all light conditions

Every model in the Magnus i range features bright day/night reticle illumination. Thanks to a sensitive brightness control, you can always find the perfect level, letting you maintain focus on your target without being distracted by excess illumination.


Optical Perfection – Better vision means safer targeting

The great strength of every Magnus i riflescope is its excellent image display, which is made possible by extraordinarily high contrast, maximum stray-light suppression and perfect light transmission.

Leica Magnus 1.5–10×42 i

Thanks to its 6.7-fold zoom factor, the Magnus 1.5–10×42 i is as multi-faceted as hunting itself. This riflescope is a universal all-rounder for stalking, shooting from blinds or driven hunts, at close or long range, and offers maximum versatility and superior accuracy in every hunting situation.

The crisply displayed red dot and extremely fine graduation of its brightness settings guarantee protection against flaring and halo effects around its edges. With its outstanding zoom range, brilliant low-light performance, and excellent transmission, this rugged and enduring riflescope impresses in every hunting situation.


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Leica Magnus i 2.4-16×56 Leica Magnus i 1-6.3×24


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Magnus i 1.5-10x42

L-4a, L-4a BDC, L-4a BDC Rail, L-4a Rail, L-Ballistic, L-Ballistic BDC, L-Ballistic BDC Rail, L-Ballistic Rail, L-PLEX BDC


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