Leica Magnus i 1−6.3×24 Rifle Scopes.


For the most demanding hunter.

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For the most demanding hunter

Leica Magnus i 1−6.3×24 Rifle Scopes.

Close Proximity, Wide Field of View – The world through Leica eyes

With a zoom factor of up to 6.7 and a large field of view, Leica Magnus i 1-6.3×24 rifle scopes allow maximum flexibility, easy handling and safety, and help you keep a critical overview in every hunting situation.


Bright Reticle Illumination – Convincing in all light conditions

Every model in the Magnus i range features bright day/night reticle illumination. Thanks to a sensitive brightness control, you can always find the perfect level, letting you maintain focus on your target without being distracted by excess illumination.


Optical Perfection – Better vision means safer targeting

The great strength of every Magnus i riflescope is its excellent image display, which is made possible by extraordinarily high contrast, maximum stray-light suppression and perfect light transmission.

Leica Magnus i 1−6.3×24

Due to its combination of maximum resolving power, an extremely broad overview and an astoundingly wide field of view of 44 metres at 100 metres, the Magnus 1−6.3×24 i ensures significantly greater safety and hunting success. Thanks to a large exit pupil and a crisply defined, extremely bright red dot, it guarantees extremely fast and accurate target location, especially with running game. The riflescope features a generously wide 1 to 6.3-fold zoom range, and a smart, automatic power-off function. In combination with its extremely compact construction, these features make the Magnus 1–6.3×24 i an extraordinarily reliable and versatile companion on any hunt.


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Magnus i 1-6.3x24

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