Daiwa 20 INFEET EX Range of Spin Rods.

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Daiwa 20 INFEET EX is the flagship of the INFEET family of spinning rods. There was nothing left to chance with the development of the INFEET EX range.

Utilising the newest of Daiwa technologies including Next Gen X45 graphite for the full length of the blank, SVF Nanoplus graphite and the latest in Airsensor reel seat technology. The features don’t end there either, INFEET EX features a combination Fuji Titanium SiC and Daiwa AGS guide train, with Titanium framed stripper guides and AGS carbon-fibre tip guides to keep weight to a minimum and maximise sensitivity.

Certain INFEET EX models also feature solid-tip constructions for unmatched combinations of light, fast action tips and the perfect fish controlling action down low. Finishing off the piece is Daiwa’s Airfoam grips for unmatched comfort and further reducing the weight.


671MMLXS – Designed in collaboration with rack fishing specialist Kris Hickson, the 671MMLXS is the ultimate no holds barred rack rod. Built off the ever-popular Kingbolt action, this INFEET incarnation features an ever so slightly lighter tip, with an equally powerful butt section.

6101ULRS-ST– A really interesting blend of a solid graphite fast tip section, with a moderate action ultralight blank makes the 6101ULRS-ST the undisputed finesse crankbait specialist.

702LFS – Arguably the most popular rod in each series, the all-rounder is the rod in which you build your quiver around. The 702LFS is the ‘do-everything’ rod but is particularly effective with a single hooked lure like a BaitJunkie 2.5” Grub on the end with a light jighead.

722LRS – A heavy-crankbait specialist, the 722LRS is the rod you’ll want to turn to when throwing larger sized crankbaits or when cranking around heavy cover such as wash zones or heavy reefs.

742LRS-ST – Another unique action made possible by the use of a solid graphite tip; the 742LRS-ST is a true two-piece mid join rod making it the travelling anglers’ perfect companion. The combination of a solid tip means this rod can cast even the lightest of lures such as unweighted plastics with ease.

752ULFS-ST – This rod is the brainchild of Daiwa angler Mark Crompton. An angler well known for his love affair with fishing lightly weighted plastics over the expansive ribbon weed flats of coastal NSW. Far from a one trick pony, this rod is also a favourite for long casting topwater lures.

What Does The Red/Blue Styling Mean?

Blue & White Styling: Slow Taper Rod
Red & Blacking Styling: Fast Taper Rod

Specifications - Daiwa INFEET EX Rods