Browning Citori Australia 12M 30″ Shotgun.

Flawless level of craftsmanship.

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No other shotgun holds the allure and respect as the Citori, recognised for its flawless level of craftsmanship and absolutely reliable function.

All components are machined to exacting tolerances, heat-treated and carefully fitted with the traditional lamp-black and file method to ensure the correct fit of critical components prior to being hand fitted to the action. Precise wood-to-metal fitting is performed to ensure tight, consistent junctions. This high degree of precision insures an over and under shotgun one will take pride in owning. Note the fit and finish from steel to wood and steel to steel. Open and shut the action. Throw it to a shoulder. Sight down the barrels.

Find out why the Citori name has gained a reputation over the years as the finest over and under shotgun available.


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