Broughton Shimmey Timber Crafted Lures.


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Australian Made Timber Crafted Lures.

RT Broughton Shimmey Lures are all Timber Crafted in Ray’s workshop in Queensland. Ray’s passion and experience in making lures that attract fish is a skill honed in over 40 years of lure making.

Ray Broughton the original designer and manufacturer of RTB Legend Lures. The RTB Legends that Ray hand made were famous for catching Murray Cod on Lake Mulwala and were popular with professional and recreational fishermen alike. Ray has begun making a new range of lures which are all timber crafted in Queensland using Australian products.

Lures were traditionally made either with timber or metal. Then over time came in the mass produced plastic lures. Timber lures work so much better than plastic as no single two pieces of timber are the same.

When using lures its about attracting the fish to strike. With timber lures one’s action may not attract a fish however the next lure will move slightly differently, float a little more or less and this attracts fish.

The RTB Shimmey Range have a bait fish like body and tight shimmey action.

These lures are perfect target for:

RT Broughton Shimmey Timber Lures 
Murray CodBarraMangrove Jack

This is a solid timber lure with bib and body as one. It comes with a hard gloss finish that can handle the hardest knocks from the toothiest fish. The Shimmey range is a great all-rounder for catching pretty much anything.

Depth of Diving:

  • 150mm – 2 metres – approx
  • 110mm – 1 metre – approx
  • 80mm – 1 metre – approx
  • 60mm – 1 metre – approx
  • 50mm – 1 metre – approx


RT Broughton Lure Colour Chart


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60mm, 80mm, 150mm


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