Aimpoint CompC3 Red Dot Sight.

Shoot with both eyes open and you’ll never look back.


2-MOA red dot reflex sight that is the lightest in its class and ideal for when you need a 30mm tube.

An Aimpoint sight gives you a tremendous advantage of aiming with both eyes open, allowing you to see the full picture at all times. When the red dot is on target, you are on target – it is that simple. The Aimpoint CompC3 can withstand the recoil of the most powerful magnum rifles – despite being the smallest and lightest sight in its class. It is perfect for fast-handling rifles and shotguns.


30mm ring that fits all Weaver bases – You will find the CompC3 a synch to mount as it comes with 30mm ring that fits all Weaver bases.

50,000 hours of operation – ACET technology allows 50,000 hours of operation on one battery. Never worry about your sight going flat at the wrong time again.

Built to last – The Aimpoint CompC3 is unaffected by extreme weather conditions and is fully waterproof. It is so rugged and durable in its construction, you will be surprised just how much punishing treatment you can put it through.