Aimpoint 9000 Series Sights.

Shoot with both eyes open and you’ll never look back.


Aimpoint 9000

An Aimpoint sight gives you a tremendous advantage of aiming with both eyes open, allowing you to see the animal as well as the surroundings. When the red dot is on target, you are on target –  it is that simple.

The Aimpoint 9000 series includes:

This medium-length sight is the short version of the 9000 series which is for use on standard or short action rifles, as well as semi-automatics, combination rifles, and magnum handguns.

The Aimpoint 9000L is a full-length sight that delivers unsurpassed performance and reliability. Primarily designed for rifles with standard or magnum-length actions, it can handle the most extreme hunting conditions and heavy recoil.

Mount with most 30mm scope rings
Unlike many other red dot sights, this Aimpoint sight features a true 30mm tube and 2-ring configuration, so it can be mounted with most 30mm scope rings (rings are not included).

50,000 hours of operation
ACET technology allows 50,000 hours of operation on one battery. Never worry about your sight going flat at the wrong time again.

Built to last
The Aimpoint 9000 is unaffected by extreme weather conditions and is fully waterproof. It is so rugged and durable in its construction, you will be surprised just how much punishing treatment you can put it through.


Technical Specifications

Product CodeAP-11417 (2-MOA), AP-11407 (4-MOA)AP-111419 (2MOA), AP11406 (4MOA)
Operating principleReflex collimator sight with LEDReflex collimator sight with LED
Optical magnification1x1x
Aiming dot size2 MOA / 4 MOA2 MOA / 4 MOA
Dot intensityOptical magnification: Primarily 1xVisible against a background luminance of 0.1 to 55,000 lx
Dot colourVisible against a background luminance of 0.1 to 55000 lxPeak wavelength: 650 ± 10 nm
NVD compatibleNoNo
Optical coatingAnti‐reflex, all surfaces and multi‐layerAnti‐reflex, all surfaces and multi‐layer
Clear aperture (mm)23mm23mm
Eye reliefUnlimitedUnlimited
Battery type3V lithium battery, type CR20323V lithium battery, type CR2032
Battery life ‐ Day time use50,000 hours (5+ years of continuous use)50,000 hours (5+ years of continuous use)
Power intensity1 off position and 9 daylight settings2 off position and 9 daylight settings
Length sight only160mm (6 1/4")200mm (7 13/16")
Length conf160mm (6 1/4")200mm (7 13/16")
Width55mm (2 1/8")55mm (2 1/8")
Height conf55mm (2 1/8")55mm (2 1/8")
Weight sight only (inc battery)210g (7.4 oz)230g (8.1 oz)
Housing materialHigh strength aluminumHigh strength aluminum
Housing finish and colourSemi‐matte blackSemi‐matte black
Material mount and spacer std confHigh strength aluminumHigh strength aluminum
Surface treatmentAnodized, semi matteAnodized, semi matte
Height of optical axis – sight and mount20 mm (3/4") over top surface of Picatinny/Weaver Rail20 mm (3/4") over top surface of Picatinny/Weaver Rail
AdjustmentRange &plusnm;2m at 100m (&plusnm;2 yds. at 100 yds.) in windage and elevation, 1 click = 16mm at 100m = 13mm at 80m = 9/16" at 80 yds.1 click =10mm at 80m = 12mm at 100m = 7/16" at 100 yds.

User Guide