At Dickinson Arms, they take great pride in making guns of distinction accessible to shooting and hunting enthusiasts of all types.

Their Turkish factories deliver a rare combination of quality, old-world craftsmanship and innovative manufacturing techniques, resulting in premium quality shotguns you’ll be proud to own, proud to shoot and proud to pass down to future generations.

Whether it’s a basic pump shotgun, an inertia or gas operated semi-automatic, a supremely balanced over & under or a stunning side-by-side, you’ll feel the Dickinson Difference the moment you pick one up.

Wood and metal parts perfectly shaped and hand fitted together. Premium quality components and finish work.

Solid actions that perform reliably in the toughest conditions.

And beautiful touches like hand-checked Turkish walnut stocks and fore ends, rare bone-charcoal case hardening, and exquisite hand engraving.

Dickinson can also work with you to create custom guns that meet the specific needs, shooting styles and aesthetic tastes of the most demanding hunters and collectors.

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