Gangster Lures

Gangster Bidgee Baits are an essential lure in any fisherman’s arsenal who is serious about targeting Australian natives, like the mighty Murray cod, yellowbelly or bass.

Extensively developed in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales and tested in local waters. Gangster lures are both Aussie-built and built ‘cod tough’ to withstand the punishment anglers can expect to endure on the receiving end from Australian natives.

The combination of the attractive flash of the spinner and soft feel of the soft plastic grub make Gangster Bidgee Baits irresistible to fish. They can be fished deep and slow around structures and drop-offs that natives love. Gangster Bidgee Baits include quality components, 5 ball bearing swivels, Owner hooks, 3D realistic eyes, quality blades, heavy-duty stainless wire and matching paint and skirts.

As well as cod, yellowbelly and bass, they have potential wider application on species like flathead and barramundi.

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