Tikka T1x MTR 22LR 20″ Barrel Rimfire Rifle.

$1,020.00 $889.00

Unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.


Introducing the new Tikka T1x MTR (Multi-Task Rimfire) designed to handle an assortment of shooting tasks with a barrel designed to give you all the benefits of heavy barrel accuracy without an increase in weight.

Available in 2 popular calibres: 22LR & 17HMR – the 22LR comes in 16” compact and optimal 20” versions, the 17HMR in its own 20” version – the T1x’s trigger mechanism is the same high-quality trigger unit offered in Tikka T3x centrefire rifles. This zero-creep trigger will improve your accuracy and make guaranteed under-1 MOA groupings easy.

And, the T1x comes with 10 round magazine in both calibres!

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