Nightforce ATACR Family Of Rifle Scopes.

Defines rugged, reliable & repeatable.



Inspired by the NXS, designed from the ground up, the ATACR Advanced Tactical Rifle scope family defines Rugged, Reliable, Repeatable.

Overbuilt with mission critical features standard including: ZeroStop, up to 120MOA /35 Mils of elevation adjustment, and a choice of illuminated MOA or MIL based ranging reticles. Incorporating our proprietary optical prescription in a built-like-a-tank housing, every ATACR rifle scope delivers bench rest precision even under the harshest of conditions. Fully multi-coated ED glass results in superb light transmission, brilliant images and exceptional colour contrast. With models ranging from the compact 4-16x to the powerful 5-25x in both first and second focal plane configurations, the ATACR family of rifle scopes can cover virtually any situation a shooter could encounter. ATACR rifle scopes are offered with four of our most sophisticated, intelligent reticles, leaving nothing to chance.

The ATACR redefines the “long” in long range for serious shooters and hunters, pushing the envelope of precision…and possibility.

ATACR™ 4-16×42 F1 Riflescope






If you need something compact yet powerful, the ATACR 4-16×42 F1 delivers…

ATACR™ 4-16×50 Riflescope

atacr 4-16x50






Brilliant.  Versatile.  The new ATACR 4-16×50 riflescope, if you consider shooting to be the ultimate blend of art and science, and hunting for you is a way of life, the ATACR 4-16×50 is an absolutely brilliant idea.

ATACR™ 5-25×56 F1 Riflescope






The riflescope that will have you ranging by zip code. Our ATACR 5-25×56 riflescope stands ready to help you connect to any target at nearly any distance…

ATACR™ 7-35×56 F1 Riflescope







Extended Long Range, as shooters continue to push the limits of rifle and cartridge performance, Nightforce® continues to exceed the needed performance in riflescope technology by introducing the ATACR 7-35 x 56 F1.


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