Neogard Neoprene Firearm Protectors.


Barrel cover sold separately.

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After many years of research Eagleye have created the best fitting, full coverage neoprene gun covers in the world.

Eagleye Neoprene Firearm protectors will:

  • Camouflage your firearm
  • Protect your firearm from damage or scratches
  • Leave no residue
  • Repel water and give you maximum grip in the harshest conditions

Models: (Note: The NeoGard covers are now right and left hand compatible)

  1. Bolt action
  2. Over and under, single barrel and side by side break open shot guns


  • Camouflage pattern
  • High grade neoprene material
  • Fit most model rifles and shotguns and fits left and right
  • The material is similar to a divers wet suit
  • The inner lining features shark tooth neoprene pattern which provides grip and resists slipping off the firearm
  • High quality stitching
  • Weather resistant and durable


Wrapping your firearms with camo tape is time consuming and can leave a sticky residue all over your beloved firearm. Dipping or painting your firearms is a permanent solution and irreversible. While other inferior gun covers are loose and don’t cover enough of the stock, the NeoGards and Barrel Covers are a great solution to those problems and by far the worlds best.

  • Only one piece required for the whole stock
  • Barrel covers are optional
  • Can be altered to fit most variations in firearms
  • Easy and quick installation and removal without leaving residue on your stock
  • Allows you to purchase your desired stock knowing now you can protect it even while you hunt in the toughest terrain
  • Protects from scratches, dents and reduces cold
  • Provides great camouflage for hunters

Barrel cover sold separately.



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