Leica Pinmaster II Pro Golf Rangefinder.


The brain of the system is the combination of rangefinder and inclinometer.


With the Leica Pinmaster II Pro it all starts with a useful and versatile 7×24 monocular that allows you to see the lay of the land and pick out the path you want to play with confidence. The brain of the system is the combination of range finder and inclinometer.

The IR laser measures distances up to 825 yards in 0.3 seconds with two different modes: spot or scan. The inclinometer measures the relative angle from you to your target and, using the specific trajectory of a golf ball, displays an adjusted distance for you to shoot for.

This system, the Angle Compensated Distance (ACD), can be turned off for tournament or handicap rounds. Complementing the ACD system is Leica’s First-Target Logic.

This is a critical piece of technology that displays the distance to the closest target in the field of view so you can be sure that you’re measuring the distance to the pin, and not the trees behind it. As with ACD, this feature can be turned off if prohibited by play regulations.

To withstand the rigours of weekends spent outside, the Pinmaster II’s housing is crafted from a rugged carbon fibre reinforced plastic over a lightweight aluminium-alloy chassis. The entire device is sealed and waterproof to a depth of 3.3′, and since it weighs in at just 7.8 ounces, it can be easily carried through 18 holes.

A wide exit pupil and long eye-relief, combined with the fold-down rubber eye cups, ensures that you’ll be able to comfortably use it all day.

Outstanding optical performance – A clear view, even under critical conditions

The patented optic design on all Leica range finding products guarantees outstanding contrast and maximum light transmission. The results are stunning images even under difficult light conditions.


  • Class 1 Eye-Safe IR Laser
  • 10-825 Yard Metering Range
  • P40, AquaDura Lens Coatings
  • Angle Compensated and First-Target Logic
  • 7×24 Monocular
  • Red LED Display
  • Yard/Meter Measurement Display
  • Aluminium Chassis/Plastic Housing
  • Waterproof and Submersible
  • Runs on One C2R Battery

Leica Pinmaster II Pro Technical Data               Leica Pinmaster II Pro Operating Instructions

Leica Pinmaster II Pro Golf Rangefinder - ACD Technology.

ACD Technology

Angle Compensated Distance (ACD) is the perfect extra for your daily practice at the driving range or when playing a round on the course. The Leica Pinmaster II takes sloping terrain into account to provide a second distance corrected for the slope. But ACD has much more to offer: When calculating the corrected distance, the Leica Pinmaster II takes not only the slope of the terrain into account, but also the distance-dependent trajectory of the golf ball.

Leica Pinmaster II Pro Golf Rangefinder - First target logic.

Improved Leica First-Target Logic

In the new Leica Pinmaster II Pro, we have improved what was already perfect. With improved Leica First-Target Logic, you can completely rely on your measurement. If you are not certain if you have measured the distance to the right target, the Leica Pinmaster II Pro gives you a little signal when First-Target Logic has been successfully applied. If you have measured the distance to the pin, and not the tree behind it, the readout responds with rapid flashing. This saves you the time of taking a second measurement to be sure and lets you concentrate fully on your game. This visual feedback naturally also functions when using ACD.

Leica Pinmaster II Pro Golf Rangefinder.

Approved for Handicap Rounds

A golf laser is not only an essential tool for players with single-digit handicaps. Beginners with medium or high handicaps in particular can enjoy the enormous benefits of a golf laser. Knowledge of the right distance brings a lot more certainty and confidence during a round and makes club selection much easier. Beginning in 2016, all golf lasers that allow electronic deactivation of the angle-corrected distance are approved for use in handicap rounds – and that is precisely the case with the Leica Pinmaster II Pro. Alongside the ability to switch the readout from meters to yards, the menu also displays the “ACD on/off” option.

Great looks

The Leica Pinmaster II Pro in familiar Pinmaster style. Eye-catching – the elegant, premium look of the high-quality white body. The premium look, feel, and material quality of the entire Leica Pinmaster family are unrivalled in the colourful world of golf lasers. The Leica Pinmaster II Pro retains all the positive aspects of its predecessor and combines them with new technical highlights like ACD.

Essentials retained

The new Leica Pinmaster II Pro also features an LED readout with ambient-light-controlled brightness and a unique red LED display. This ensures that the Leica Pinmaster is automatically ready for use and avoids the need to set it up to account for ambient conditions. In combination with the proven qualities of AquaDura coating that lets dirt and water simply roll of the lens, this makes the Leica Pinmaster II Pro the perfect all-weather laser.