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Ledlenser M17R Rechargeable LED Torch 850 Lumens – Discontinued Model $110 Off RRP.

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Product Description


The Led Lenser M17R Rechargeable Torch with the new Ytrion Cell is at the absolute cutting edge of LED lighting technology and redefines what an industrious LED flashlight is capable of.

Featuring the newest type of rechargeable battery – a Safety Ytrion Cell – the Led Lenser M17R will recharge in just 2-3 hours (1/3 of the time that a Ni-MH cell will take to charge). The Safety Ytrion Cell is also much safer than lithium cells and does not have memory effect, meaning you can charge at any time and not have to worry about running down the battery life.

The innovative and simple to use wall mount bracket and magnetic charging system allows users to easily store the Led Lenser M17R flashlight in its charging cradle and keep power cables off the floor.

Rapidly mount and retrieve the M17R torch from the wall mount bracket thanks to the swiveling base cradle with integrated magnetic charger.