Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision 6X50 Monocular.

Nothing lights up the night like Equinox Z Night Vision.

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No telling how you’ll react when faced with what lurks after dark, but with Bushnell Night Vision, time will never again dictate your hours of operation. These optics turn night into day with built-in infrared illuminators and advanced light-gathering technology. The entire lineup is perfect for camping, caving, wildlife observation, surveillance – any time or place you think you’re ready.

Equinox Z Digital Night Vision from Bushnell offers outstanding optical clarity, ultimate illumination and an unmatched field of view. Features such as zoom, image capture, video recording and daytime colour team with our super-charged digital NV technology. Other bar-setting features include a long battery life, tripod-mounting capabilities and glass objectives. Plus, they all feature an extra-durable housing.

Nothing lights up the night like Equinox Z Night Vision.


  • Image capture
  • Video and sound recording
  • 1-3x zoom
  • Daytime color
  • Video out
  • AA batteries
  • Adjustable IR brightness
  • Tripod mount
  • Glass objective
  • Recoil tested to 350 g
  • Up to 1000ft viewing with infrared illuminator
  • Carrying case

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