Daiwa TD Commander Rods

Dressed in classic green and featuring stylish cork grips, the new TD Commander series is a range that delivers in looks, swagger and high-end performance.  Daiwa have gone back to the drawing board, and utilised never before seen technology to…

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Aimpoint Acro C-1 3.5MOA

The Aimpoint Acro C-1 (Advanced Compact Reflex Optic) is with its minimal size the smallest enclosed red dot sight system on the market. Acro C-1 is developed and optimised for use on optic ready pistols in combination with an Acro adapter…

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SmartRest – Hyper Pod II

Our friends at Eagleye Hunting Gear have introduced the SmartRest Hyper Pod II. It is a carbon fibre extendible pole with a bi pod on the base which was developed to combine the capabilities of the bi pod, mono pod, walking…

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Hunters Element Bino Defender

The Hunters Element people spent a huge amount of time testing and designing prototypes before releasing their Bino Defender. They have hunted for years with different bino protection systems, picking them apart and piecing them together until they finally produced what…

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Pulsar Trail LRF Thermal Scope.

https://youtu.be/b3aNFpEXY7Q Pulsar Trail LRF Thermal Scope Trail thermal imaging sights are designed for the use on hunting rifles, both at night and in the daylight. They are also able to be used in inclement weather conditions (fog, smog, rain) and…

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