Lights & Accessories

We carry a good range of lights for hunting, please call for current pricing.




Lightforce SL-170 Striker

Lightforce RM-170 Striker

Lightforce SL-240 Blitz

Lightforce RMSM-170 Striker

Lightforce RM-240 Blitz  $225.00

Lightforce Support-A-Light

Lightforce Remote Control Handle RC-225

Lightforce Suction Cup Roof Mount Light Bar
with flip up bracket

Nightforce Nighthunter Kit


   Powabeam PL-175                               PL175 HID

Powabeam PL-245 WB Pro 9

Powabeam PL-245

Powabeam Pro-11

Powabeam Pro-9 HID

Powabeam Pro-11 HID

Powabeam Remote Control Handle
Powabeam Remote Control Handle
Powabeam Remote Control Handle

Powabeam Remote Control Handle

Long or Short


Nite Stalker  100W Spotlight 180mm

Nite Stalker 100W Spotlight 220mm



Roo Lite Filter to suit 180  and 220

GTI 100W Spotlight 170mm

Other Light Accessories

Headtorch - Rifle Mounted LED torches - Rechargeable or regular models
mounting brackets - LED torches of every size, call for price!


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