Hyper Pod 8

SmartRest – Hyper Pod II

Our friends at Eagleye Hunting Gear have introduced the SmartRest Hyper Pod II. It is a carbon fibre extendible pole with a bi pod on the base which was developed to combine the capabilities of the bi pod, mono pod, walking stick and the tripod.

The purpose of this design and the combination of the features is to create the most conveniently portable, versatile, and user friendly Hunters/Stalkers gun rest on the market.

The SmartRest Hyper Pod II can aid a shooter in 4 main field hunting positions, which are prone, sitting, kneeling and standing. All positions have their benefits in various terrains. The design features materials that supply weight efficiency, strength and reliability for long term use.

Any experienced hunter knows hunting is very different to target practice, the body gets tired, the nerves kick in, the heart beats harder, and breathing is so important. Not to mention natures elements are against you, whether it’s cold, hot, windy, foggy, raining or even ice, it adds to the difficulty of taking the final shot.

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